Agricultural Implements and Machinery – Overview

Agriculture is one of the most important pillars in Indian economy that adds to a major part in creating most of the earnings for the national citizens of the country, directly or indirectly. However the actual development of Indian agriculture started in the late ’60s. A noticeable development in the agriculture industry started with the production and establishment of tractor Implements industries.

In this short article know about the domain of farm implements one can use along with the tractor for farming operations in the field.

Different types of Tractor Implements and equipment that are used in farming along with a tractor are:


Rotavator one of the tillage implements is modern agriculture machinery used to break, blend and aerate the soil and increases its oxygen count making it better for seeding and harvesting. Rotavator is made by assembling a set of blades or rotors connected to the engine that breaks through the soil when revolving.


A cultivator is a significant machinery used like a plough that breaks up the soil into tiny particles, making it suitable to sow the seeds before harvesting and kills the weeds. This tractor Implement is a set of metallic thorns that moving along the ground and function.


 Plough is one of the oldest, basic and primary tillage equipment that resembles the traditional farm equipment used in ancient time and also works the same. Plough is another tractor implements and is one of the most important implement that breaks and turns the soil. It also prevents and controls the weeds.


Harrow is a kind of an upgraded tool used for Ploughing fields. Once the basic cultivation work is done by the plough, a Harrow the secondary tillage equipment works by cutting through the soil in upper surface. Harrow as a tractor implement unlike the Plough works for lump breaking and making the soil ideal for seeding and other agricultural purposes.

Tractor Trailer

Trailers are added to the main body of a tractor and used to enhance its space and capability of carrying grains and other heavy loads. It makes a tractor more dependable to accommodate loads easily. Numerous types of trailers are used by farmers in the fields as per the sizes and usage. Improved versions of Trailer also work on Hydraulics to increase a tractor’s control and power. 

These are a few of the tractor or farm implements used in the Indian farms and worldwide. Most of these are crucial for farming and are considered as a luxury in the Indian agricultural fields.

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